This blog is intended to be therapeutic. For me, not necessarily for my readers.

I write fiction and non-fiction on a variety of subjects.

I am an evolutionary biologist and philosopher of science and my primary area of research is the evolution of venom in reptiles and, more broadly, the evolution of “exochemistry”.

Here’s a snake:


Here’s a spider (I work on them too):


Here’s why “if it’s flooded, forget it”:


…that’s the Adelaide River Floodplain in Australia’s Northern Territory doing what it does and bogan Top Enders (that’s Aussie vernacular) doing what they do.

Here’s my ResearchGate profile with a list of my peer-reviewed publications: http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Timothy_Jackson3

On this blog I’ll be posting whatever I feel like posting. Any views I might appear to be expressing are solely my own and not those of any institution with which I may be affiliated. If it ends up reflecting my personality and interests it may become a little schizoid. In between articles on scientific topics, I’ll sandwich pieces of short fiction and excerpts from longer fictional works. I may write “interpretive” pieces dissecting peer-reviewed articles (including my own). Although these days I’m working as an evolutionary biologist, my first degree was in music so it’s likely that there will be some music-themed posts. I’m also passionate about art and the creative process in general, so I may publish some thoughts on that.

The painting that currently adorns my header was done by my beautiful and talented wife Genevieve:


We have a daughter, a very hairy daughter (she’s an Australian Shepherd). Our daughter’s name is Keneally – she’s named after one of my favourite musicians. She can’t play guitar as well as her namesake, but she’s prettier:


I play guitar (slightly) better than she can, too. Sometimes I jam with my father, the infamous Nicholas Geoffrey Jackson (http://www.fluent-communications.com/Fluent/Fluent%20HomePage.html):


Sometimes we drink (“one scotch, one bourbon and one beer”) and pretend we’re John Lee Hooker and Alan Wilson:

Sometimes we take ourselves more seriously and try to play some modal jazz (whatever that is):

The title of my blog I stole from Friedrich Nietzsche. Well, actually it refers to a concept I often think about and intend to explore in some of my works of philosophical fiction, but Nietzsche scooped me by publishing the phrase first (I knew I shouldn’t have waited – publish or perish!!). Nietzsche said a lot of wise stuff, but he also said a lot of stupid stuff (who doesn’t?) so don’t go thinking I’m some sort of Nietzschephile.

That’s all for now.




  1. I love that when one clicks on the Adelaide River photograph, the picture comes up as foolish.jpg ūüôā Nice blog.

  2. I find Nietzsche interesting and have a friend working on his doctorate at Oxford and Belfast on Fritz. I kind of wish people would study him as a human instead of an anti-Christ. I often wonder if his insanity was not because he blasphemed God, but the fact he realized he himself was the √ľbermensch he concocted in his mind. I find him a reaction to 19th Century German and European culture. I came across as I was indeed looking for the “common” Nietzschephile. I typed the word on Google Images and you came up first. I will refrain from using you as an example.
    Sorry I have a BA in History from the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln or what I call a BAD ATTITUDE from the University of No Learning. Racially I German and Celtic, but have a Czech surname so I only relate to the Czech part. My paternal grandparents came to Amerika just before TITANIC sank. My maternal family showed up some time just after the 30 Years War.

    You don’t know me from Adam . . . I just thought I’d tell you if you type in Nietzschephile on Google, in the United States of America, you’re the first picture that comes up! With my most fondest regards for people I don’t know who get a response from me . . . forgive me! Mark Douglas Budka Lincoln-Omaha Nebraska United States of America even though anybody born from Point Barrow to Puntas Arenas is an American . . . go figure!

    1. Hi Mark, that’s funny that this blog comes up first when you search “Nietzschephile”! Actually I do really like Nietzsche (although I don’t think I’m the “common Nietzschephile”), and was thinking of doing a blog post commenting on some of his wonderful aphorisms in the collection which shares the name of this blog….thanks to your interest I’ll do that sooner rather than later. Welcome to the blog anyway, I hope you find some of the non-Nietzschephilic content interesting.

  3. I like the fact you are doing this as therapy for yourself. I came across it by accident. The vast majority of people whom I have known over the years (I’m 52) who like Nietzsche would not fit into his √úbermensch ideal. I was raised as an artist in very football, macho, if you aren’t a fan you aren’t a man, Nebraska during the 1960s and 70s. I’m not gay, but I empathize to a degree with gays and have several acquaintances. I am not saying you are one. Right now, I have a friend who is trying to get me to draw, ink and paint Comic Books. I HATE comic books! What concerns me is FALSE EXPECTATONS vs. REALITY. I really like people and I can’t save the world, but I can be friendly. Its too easy to judge Nietzsche and others missing the fact they are human beings. I grew up feeling (not believing) that I was less of a person. Never believe that. I am Christian, very Christian, and Christians are just as bad as Secular people about this. Lastly, racism, I have a SLAVIC surname as my Dad was adopted in 1937. Here’s what’s funny, there isn’t anything SLAVIC about me. I am 50% Celtic and 50% Teutonic (Irish and German) and the crap I have put up with for having Czech name. Please never judge a person for their race, ethnicity or gender. We may all be individuals, but we are first of all, human beings.

    I’m glad you can say MePretty about yourself. There are men in the Czech Republic part of my family who will kiss me (not on the lips) try that in Amerika! Aye!

    PS: I’m not the MAN WHO IS A MAN type of man. I am not what Burroughs, Wells, Wister and any other number of authors at the beginning of the 20th Century claimed was a “man”. That is a terrible expectation to put on men. I may 6’2″ and moderately muscled, but I am extremely sentimental and emotional. I served in the US Navy as a machinist’s mate: Talk about a bad fit! At least I learned how to use tools. Try to do that in a suburban urban home with a mother who demands that not be a male mess on the premises! One woman-Three men . . . I got out of there. Have fun! I always wanted to take the OVERLAND from Melbourne to Adelaide. Its my favorite AUSSIE train. Ahoj! Marek D. Budka

    1. Certainly agree we’re all human beings (unless of course any non-human intelligences are reading this post, if so – hi!) and none of us are perfect. I think Nietzsche’s √úbermensch is a concept not dissimilar to “self-realisation” or “enlightenment” – it’s an ideal that might be impossible to actually achieve, but is good to define such ideals in order to have a clear direction in which to travel.

  4. My friend Brian had me doing research for him, the fun part about studying Fritz (as Brian calls him) as I studied Central European History (mostly Czech), philosophy and art at University (its really college), yes Fritz was mad at Schopenhauer and Wagner (they had been great friends), and he was mad at Lutheran Pietism and the Roman Catholic Church, but why? The why is the key and it centers around the fraud of idealism. The question I’ve always wanted to ask Fritz (and it won’t happen) “Why then replace a fraudulent view of one ideal with another?”

    I love neo-classical CIVIC ART? Why? The ideals of a well run government, society and individual life, but . . . if I see a statue of Mercury or Ceres representing Transportation and Commerce . . . does that mean its perfect? No. Does that mean I look like Mercury? No. However, since I respect the inherent beauty of the statue and like the idea of going from place to place . . . and if I’m willing to do the research, find and use the responsible help, and the work required . . . I might get a job in transportation and I might look something like the statue of Mercury.

    Once I embraced the fact I am a man and told my macho American football peers I don’t buy their Anglo-Saxon American view of manhood and gave transportation . . . I almost killed myself in several ways and busted up my back and destroyed my mental health . . . once I became what I should, an ARTIST/HISTORIAN/MUSICIAN and found the right people and help . . .

    I’m 52, have a long way to go yet, but for the permanent damage to my body, I’m in better shape than I was in high school or the Navy. You’re on a great adventure! Keep it up!


  5. Some Academic Direction: Books to get or borrow. Find a history of Europe 1850-1914; Find some Schopenhauer or read Louis Sullivan (the architect) KINDERGARTEN CHATS; read some librettos from and listen to Wagnerian Opera; If you read Nietzsche there is a complete set of his work . . . you ought to read them in chronological order. If you don’t have a Christian background . . . keep it simple, read a Lutheran catechism and Roman Catholic catechism. (My heritage is Czech Brethren, Presbyterian and my theology is more Baptist).

    That’s a lot of reading and studying, but you will have a better understanding of Europe (even your heritage and yourself: Australia right?), try to be objective, not judgmental; remember, everything has a bias . . . not a reason to reject it altogether. The one thing I take away from Fritz: “Think and sometimes act outside the box. The Overman is not dictated by an ideal but becomes strong because he isn’t dictated by a false priest or view of God (He rejected God), that’s between you and God, not me. You do want to know something about 19th Century Christianity (not Buddhism, Taoism, Zoroastrianism, etc.).

    There is some direction if you chose to take it. You can always reply to me . . . but I’m an outside influence . . . I could be lying through my teeth to you . . . There are a few Mark Budka
    s in the United States. I am the only Mark Douglas Budka in the US . . . you won’t find that much on me online outside of weird comments, some pencil art, a few references to history I have written . . . there are a couple pictures out there of me . . . study is fun . . . history is so much more than dates and war: its EVERYTHING! Everything is history . . . YOU are history because you have one! Dobr√Ĺ den. Ahoj! Marek Budka

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